LUX board-solid walls 

LUX boards can be applied directly to solid walls simply with tile adhesive. LUX boards  are an ideal way to cut down on the heat lost through solid walls. Buildings with solid walls and without cavity will feel a considerable difference in room temperature when coated with LUX board. LUX boards are very easy to install, as they are lightweight and very easy to cut to size with a saw or knife.


Make sure the surface of the wall is smooth and clean,without any grease or dust.
To smear the bonding mortar evenly on the back of every board.
Stick the board to the wall and pat the board gently,making it adhere to wall firmly.
Before the mortar is dried,use the guiding rule and adjust the positin of the boards,make sure the boards are on the same level.
Use self-adhesive gridding cloth to bond the gaps between two boards and the apertures the boards and the ground,and then coat the grid cloth with a thin layer of mortar.In places where have very high demand for waterproof properties,you can treat and reinforce with professional waterproof belt and waterproof coating.
After the boards bonded to the wall,and the mortar has beed completely dry,tilling the wall begins.